MTB Hopper Intro Ramp


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The Intro was designed for scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, and  MTB/BMX beginners (both kids and adults). It is perfect for small jumps at low speeds. Intro ramp is used as a safe way to grow skills. Very convenient to carry around with your bike, skateboard, scooter, etc. Super easy & instant assembly. 

The geometry of the Intro ramp is non-aggressive. It has a height adjustment amplitude   270 to 310 mm. Leg travel of 105 mm. 

Due to updated construction, it has become very adaptive to any surface/terrain. It can be placed at various angles by regulating the length of each leg - possible to change the radius of the surface. (surface radius R 3500 mm to R 4500 mm).

The surface of the ramp is even and smooth, it can be used with MTB, BMX, and small wheel sports such as skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, etc.

Technical data

  • Assembly: 30 sec
  • Weight limit: 100 kg
  • Ready to use ramp dimensions: 310 (height)  x 440 (width) x 900 (length) mm 
  • Briefcase dimensions: 170 x  440 x 650 mm
  • Product weight: 5 kg

Assembly: 30 sec
Weight limit: 100 kg
Ready to use ramp dimensions: 310 (height) x 440 (width) x 900 (length) mm
Briefcase dimensions: 170 x 440 x 650 mm
Product weight: 5 kg

Packaging data:
Ready-to-ship product dimensions (+ packaging): 687 x 502 x 180 mm
Product weight (+ packaging): 5,6 kg

Designed for: Skateboards & Scooters
Recommended Rider Level: Beginners