Growing up riding BMX in Edmonton Alberta, Trevor (a.k.a Tre Dog) moved to BC in 1989 to ride bikes and live the good life. He's spent most of his professional life working as a red seal machinist but with the dream to support the local bike community he made moves and opened Allied Action Sports in 2020 when he saw an opportunity to turn his passion for action sports into a business that could support the awesome family of riders that all share the passion. 

Trevor Freestyle 1988Trevor lawnmower 1988

 Lil Tre Dog in 1988


Allied Action Sports Crew

“To me, and to many other riders I know, BMX is more than just a sport. It plays an essential role in riders' lives to keep them mentally and physically healthy, and it allows them to stay focused on their goals. A large number of the athletes in this sport have ADHD or are neurodivergent in other ways, and riding can often be one of the best treatments out there.” Says Tre Dog.

Since starting the shop, we’ve added Surrons into our product line, as well as many aftermarket components to allow riders to create awesome custom builds. The transition to electric power is an exciting and quickly growing sector so we’re stoked to be a part of how it opens new opportunities in the world of action sports.