Magura MT5e Disc Brake

By Magura

Magura MT5e Disc Brake
The MT5e E-bike specific brakes are used to brake everything, including the motor. With technology taken from the motorbike sector paired with e-bike know-how. The braking force of the 4 pistons and high stability ensure S-Pedelecs benefit from more safety. A mechanical switch in the brake bracket activates the brake light before deceleration begins and also controls the drive cut-out for maximum safety. The advantages of 4 pistons adapted from Magura’s motor sport experience make maximum braking power accessible to e-bikes and fast S-Pedelecs.
Technical Details:
  • Applications: eBike
  • Weight: 399g 
  • Material Master: Carbotecture
  • Material Lever blade: Aluminium 
  • Material Caliper: Aluminium  
  • Brake Fluid: Magura Royal Blood  
  • Cut Off: eBike Cut off switch
  • Levers: 2-Finger ball-end
  • Fully Bleed system ready to fit
  • Includes: Pads, Spare Olives and Inserts