Eclat Overgaurd Nylon Rear


The Overguard is a universal hub guard. Designed to fit the majority of hubs, pegs and frames/forks on the market. This new injection molded Nylon/Fibreglass version is the perfect balance between price and durability.

The Overguard sits between the peg and completely encapsulates your dropout on your frame or fork, creating a super tough and low friction grinning surface which protects your bike from grind damage without modifying your hardware.

nylon/fiberglass guard, steel hex spacer


• 100% universal rear hub guard, mounted to outside of frame dropout
• fits most rear hubs and frames
• works RSD and LSD, drive and non-drive side
• low cost, long-life design
• anti-rotation system
• steel hex washer for increased rigidity


The Overguard is designed to be compatible with the majority of frames/forks, hubs and pegs on the market, however to be 100% sure of product compatibility please consult your registered eclat dealer.