Demolition Hammerhead T Tire


Signature Mike “Hucker” Clark HAMMERHEAD TIRES, fully designed by Hucker himself wanting something that will last and grip, coming in 2 different tread variations. Available in 2.25 and 2.4 in the lower profile Street (S) & higher profile Trail (T) versions. Lightweight, grippy, durable, full tread wrap, and an all new rubber compound that will keep you rolling on the same tire for a very long time. Hucker has been on his first sample pair for almost a year; if that’s not saying something I don’t know what is. *T 2.40″ width inflates up to 2.50″ on Demolition Zero Rim, other rims vary. Check your fork clearance before purchasing.*


  • Mike “Hucker” Clark Signature Tire
  • T (Trails) Tread: Higher Profile All-Terrain/Dirt Tread
  • S (Street) Tread: Lower Profile Street/Park
  • Threads Per Inch (TPI): 60
  • High pressure (110 psi), lighter weight, wire bead tire
  • Rectangle tread pattern
  • Both Treads Available in 2.25 & 2.40 Sizes
  • T weights: 25.7 oz (2.25) & 27.3 oz (2.40)
  • *T 2.40 Width Inflates up to 2.50″ on Demolition Zero Rim, Other Rims Vary*