Cross Plus Universal Passenger Footpeg Bracket


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Add a passenger to any Off-Road motorcycle!

Crossplus passenger pegs provide extra space for a friend/ injured rider/ photographer to place their feet.

Crossplus pegs won't change the height of the original pegs and won't interfere with the drivers' operation of the bike.


Weight: 896 gr (pair)

Resistance test: 150 kg each peg

Material: Hardox (abrasion-resistant steel) and stainless steel

Assembly time: 5 -10 sec, one-hand installation, no tools needed

Extra: Multifunctional tool with +7 extra functions

Please CONTACT US if you are not sure if CrossPlus Passenger Footpegs fit your bike.

Please note: Crossplus Passenger pegs fit ONLY original pegs! We don't recommend using Crossplus pegs on Aluminum pegs (Crossplus is made from steel – it tends to bend softer materials).