Surron OEM Supermoto Complete Wheel Set 17"


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Turn your Light Bee X into a supermoto machine with our genuine Surron supermoto wheel kit. It comes with everything you need to easily swap from stock to supermoto in no time, at a price significantly lower than aftermarket kits.

The genuine Surron supermoto kit includes:
- front and rear rims with 12-gauge stainless spokes
- CST tires designed for pavement use
- tubes
- 203 mm disc brakes
- 42-tooth rear sprocket
- 420 chain
- front axle bearings

The wheels come full assembled (excluding the chain and front axle bearings) for stress-free installation.

Front tire -  70x90x17 
Rear tire - 90x80x17
Front rim - 17 x 160
Rear rim - 17 x 2.15