We're just a bunch of grown-ups that love what we do and haven't really grown up yet. We were originally going to be astronauts but the suits didn't fit right so we quit Nasa and started a shop! 

Trevor Gammon: Known by many as Tre Dog, he carries many shop titles such as founder, owner and head Surron tech nerd. Growing up riding BMX in Edmonton Alberta, Tre moved to BC in 1989 to ride bikes and live the good life. He’s spent most of his professional life working as a red seal machinist but wanting to support the local bike community he made moves and opened Allied Action Sports in 2020. There might come a day when the Tre Dog grows up but until then he’s the go to guy for everything Surron and BMX related!

Andreas Juen: “Dr. Dre” has been turning wrenches as Allied for years but we’re still not sure if he really works here. Most employees take paychecks, but Andreas just keeps buying more Surron’s for himself and spending his entire check on upgrades. Originally from New York he’s now a Squamish local who’s beyond stoked to work on bikes and ride his Surron!

Cruz: The newest addition to the Allied Action Sports team, Cruz was recently voted in as CEO unanimously by the board. We decided that putting a 10 year old in charge of where our company is headed would ensure that we stay true to the reason we started Allied, to help the world have more fun!



John Thompson: JT helped lay the foundations for Allied before running off to do some adulting for a few years but he's returned to the nest. Straight outta Horseshoe Bay, he’s spent most of his life riding bikes and brings 25 years of experience in the bike industry. When he’s not busy being the top BMX Realtor in Vancouver he’s behind the computer screen rocking our online store and trying to make us look good.