Rant Squad Tire


The Rant Squad Tire is a great tire for all around use, from dirt to park to street. The Rant designed and exclusive tread design offers a large contact area with minimal rolling resistance. We also added micro- knurled surface for optimum performance and improved traction. The medium pressure rating helps cushion those big drops. The Squad Tire is ready to shred all!

  • Size: 20″ x 2.35″
  • Low profile all around tread with micro knurling
  • Tire pressure: 35-60 psi
  • Weight: 27 oz.
  • Colors: Black, Sky Blue/Tan Wall, Black/Blue Line, Neon Green, Black/Tan Line, Orange, Black/White Line, Pepto Pink, Purple, Tan wall, Red, Teal/Pink, White Wall