ProTek RC QS8 Anti-Spark Connector (1 Male/1 Female)


ProTek RC QS8 Anti-Spark Connectors are a high quality, high current connector that is perfect for high voltage applications. Not only is the connector capable of handling spikes in excess of 300 amps, the design provides an anti-spark connection that eliminates the dreaded POP when you plug in the battery helping to extend the life of the connector. High voltage bashers, speed run enthusiasts and pilots of all disciplines can benefit from this advanced connector technology.

The QS8 connector features 8mm bullets that can accommodate wire up to 6awg, inside a heavy duty nylon/fiber composite housing. Plus, an included plastic wire cap covers the soldered connection and eliminates the need for heat shrink to create an incredibly clean installation that works well, looks great and is easy to manage.  

NOTE: T-style connector shown in photos is for size reference only, and is not included. 

  • Anti-Spark Technology Increases Lifespan of Connector
  • 110A Constant/300A Peak Current Rating
  • 8.0mm Gold Plated Brass Bullet 
  • Great for all High Voltage Applications
  • Nylon/Fiber Composite Housing
  • Package Includes One Female Connector, One Male Connector & End Cap
Connector Diameter: 8.00mm
Metal Material: Gold Plated Brass
Plastic Material: Fiber Nylon Comp
Flame retardant rating: UL94 V0
Temperature Range: 200C Max
Rated Voltage: 600V DC
Continuous Current: 110A
Peak Current: 300A+
Weight: 41g (Male+Female Set) 
Total Length: Approx 70mm (Male & Female w/End Cap)
Width: 29.5mm
Max Wire Gauge: 6awg 

(1) QS8 Female Anti-Spark Connector 
(1) QS8 Male Antispark connector 
(2) Wire Caps