Prickly Motorsports Rear Brake Rotor 220mm


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Prickly Rear Disc Brake for Surron
Designed specifically for Surron. These discs combine the most advanced materials and manufacturing processes to create a better performing disc compared to any rebranded or "floating" style disc currently on the market.
  • Actual thickness is 2.29-2.3mm 
  • 220mm diameter (10mm spacers required to fit standard caliper mounts)
  • Material is special stainless Dura 4024
  • Heat treated for maximum hardness 
  • Precision ground flat 
  • Designed for maximum pad surface area and heat dissipation 

Rear Brake only
ONLY fits Stock Surron Hub bolt pattern

*Please note that rear OEM Surron wheels use a larger bolt diameter than the front. Front OEM wheels use an IS or international standard bolt pattern and rear wheels use an oversized bolt pattern. Warp 9 wheels use IS rotors front and rear. In addition, a brake caliper adapter is required if you're upgrading from a 200mm rotor.