Manitou Dorado Comp Fork (XX Firm Spring)


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Once again, the Dorado is available with a coil option. The new Dorado Comp features the same 37mm chassis as the Expert, but with a more set it and forget it vibe. The coil spring provides a smooth consistent feel 100% of the time with 0% of any hassle. On the damping side of things, our ABS+ Damper offers a great adjustment range, terrific reliability, and easy serviceability. The Dorado Comp is built for riders who just want to ride and not sweat any of the small stuff.


 •Wheel Size: 27.5″, 29″

•Weight: 3600g (Firm Spring)
•Offset: 47mm Flat Crown (27.5″), 57mm Drop Crown (29”)
•Ride Height: 582mm (27.5″), 602mm (29”)
•Travel: 180, 190, 203mm internally adjustable
•Spring: Coil (5 rates available)
•Compression Damping: Absolute Plus (ABS+)
•Rebound Damping: Cartridge Adjustable TPC
•Adjustments: LS Compression, Rebound, Spring Preload, Spring Rate
•Steerer: 1-1/8″ Straight
•Crown: Forged
•Leg Diameter: 37mm
•Leg Material: 6000 Series Aluminum
•Brake Post Mount: 203mm (223 Max)
•Axle: 110mm x 20mm BOOST Thru Axle
•Max Tire Size: 67mm
•Extras: Threaded TSR
•Options: Fender
•E-Pac: Yes

 Optional Springs for Dorado Comp (sold separately)

The Dorado Comp comes stock with the Medium Coil Spring (blue), it is far too soft for most Surron riders and you’ll need to purchase a stiffer set of springs. Use the tuning chart below to determine the correct spring rating for your body weight, bike, and riding style.  If you are a fast aggressive rider you might want to go up one size in springs.

Weight (lbs) Rate  Stripe Color
>180 XX-Firm Black
52 [9.3]
160-180 X-Firm Yellow
45 [8.0]
134-159 Firm Red
40 [7.1]
110-133 Medium Blue (Stock Spring)
35 [6.2]


Installation Instructions:

Out of the box this fork will not fit the Surron steer tube with the 1″ tall roller bearing adapter that comes on the OEM Surron.  You must swap your upper headset to a Cane Creek 40 ZS44/28.6 or similar zero stack headset (NOT INCLUDED) which reduces the steer tube length by approximately 1/2″.  It his highly recommended you take this to your local bike shop for proper installation!!  Most of the bikes that come into our shop with aftermarket forks were not installed correctly and by installing this yourself you might cause permanent damage to the fork, your bearings, headset, Surron frame, or even your body!  This is not something you want to risk by DIY if you are not an experienced bike builder.  DO NOT CHANGE YOUR LOWER HEADSET BEARING, YOU WANT THE STRENGTH OF THE OEM SURRON LOWER BEARING.