Lmtless Steeze Complete Longboard


Our boards are designed and made in Vancouver, Canada with imported parts. They are made of a bamboo/fiberglass composite to produce a flexy, light and durable board. We complete our boards with the best longboard components on the market! Take a look below to see what parts we use to complete our custom-made boards.


  • Limitless Breeze Deck
  • Free Soul 180mm Trucks
  • 70 mm 78a ZaZa Cruiser Wheels
  • Swiss White Ceramic Bearings
  • 1.25" Hardware
  • 1/8" riser

Deck Overview:

This longboard deck was designed as the ultimate carving board. The steeze was designed to give you the most comfortable and flowy ride with enough flex and springback to shoot you in and out of your carves. A subtle concave locks in your footing and the slight camber paired with its bamboo construction provides lots of spring back for pumping and carving. 

The deck is composed of 3 layers of bamboo and 2 layers of fiberglass, which yields an incredibly robust deck at an extremely low weight, and provides loads of spring-back.

Deck Dimensions:

Length: 920mm

Width: 230mm

Wheel Base: 770mm