KO Moto Nano Controller


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The Nano Controller is KO Moto's offering for those wanting to keep their exiting OEM motor but add more power.

This Controller is designed to be an easy plug and play option! The Nano is easy to fit, utilizing the stock harness fittings and your OEM Surron (or Talaria) display unit.

OEM Sport and Eco functions remain operational, allowing unique features like setting Eco to be dialed in for tight technical sections and Sport to be wide open for fast flowy sections of the trail. 

The KO Nano allows you to change all parameters and tune to your liking. Each 500 step in rpm range has the ability to change power level and tune to the exact delivery specifications you desire.  You have complete control of this Controller and do not need to pay remote tuning fees. Utilizing the knowledge found on the KO Portal Facebook group or Discord community, you can truly DIY.


  • Dynamic tuning capabilities allow the end user to tune to their precise parameters via Bluetooth or direct cable options
  • Color - Black 
  • Working Voltage: 60-72V Nominal (max voltage 84V)
  • Max Phase Current 450A
  • Max Current 210A
  • Maximum Power: 17KW (although your OEM motor can only safely handle 15KW at quick burst). We prefer our tunes at 12kw. If you want to run more than 10kw continuous (like racing on a motocross track), consider upgrading to the KO RS/Pro Controller.
  • Operating Temperature: -25—80℃
  • IP67 Waterproofing Protection
  • Maximum efficiency: >98%