GritShift Heavy Hitter Skid Plate


Product Info

Meet the last skid plate your bike will ever need. With 7075 T6 billet aluminum side supports and replaceable bash plates, the GritShift Heavy Hitter Skid Plate can withstand a whopping 6,000 lbs of force, making it the end-all protection solution for Sur Ron, Segway, and Talaria e-bikes. 

The most vulnerable part of our e-bikes is the motor. It’s at the very bottom of the frame, right where obstacles like rocks, roots, and logs can strike at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, Sur Ron, Segway, and Talaria ship their bikes with skid plates that lack critical support structures. Even most aftermarket plates only have a weak frame rail underneath a thin lightweight bash plate, leading to deformation, punctures, and outright breakage when you start going full send.

Depending on what kind of riding you do, you might even be hitting those obstacles on purpose – sometimes there’s no way through but to drag it through – and that’s when you need a skid plate with precise angles designed to keep you moving and not bog you down.

The Heavy Hitter Skid Plate has the perfect strike angle for logs, rocks, and other obstacles. With a thick 10mm aluminum bash plate, extended tail section, and strategically placed venting, our skid plate offers top-notch motor protection for on-road and off-road use alike. And if you do happen to damage it, the replaceable bash plate can be switched out for a new one in minutes.

The end-all solution. When you're sending it off jumps and over rocks like we do, it only takes one obstacle deforming or punching a hole through your bike’s skid plate for the motor to become vulnerable, or worse, for it to get damaged beyond repair. We were tired of constantly destroying weak and wobbly skid plates that had little to no support structure, so we made our own. Months of R&D later, the final product is this overbuilt skid plate engineered to keep your bike going when the terrain tries to hold you back.

TKO tested. GritShift approved. We put these skid plates through the ultimate test of endurance at the 2022 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout Hard Enduro. Our bikes kept going through dozens of miles of rocky step-ups, big drops, log jumps, and rhythm obstacles in what Electric Cycle Rider called one the most punishing courses in all of Hard Enduro. And not only did our skid plates hold up, they were ready for more. We integrated what we learned into the final product, and today’s Heavy Hitter Skid Plate was born.


  • The most robust, over-engineered skid plate on the market for our e-bikes
  • Made from 7075 T6 billet aluminum with a 10mm bash plate tested to withstand over 6,000 pounds of force
  • Strategic ventilation slats keep your motor cool while ensuring maximum protection
  • Extended tail section offers enhanced protection from perpendicular strikes
  • Each section is easily removable for routine bike maintenance
  • Replaceable bash plate can be exchanged in minutes

Installation note: We recommend using blue threadlocker on all hardware during installation. Mounting bolts are 2.5mm Allen bolts; recommended torque value is 2.6 Nm / 1.92 ft-lb / 23 in-lb. This is barely hand-tight, but as long as blue threadlocker is used and correctly applied, this will hold securely and be removable.

Sur Ron Bash Guard Heavy Hitter Skid Plate GritShift