EV Freaks Reinforced Suspension Linkage


If you’re looking for the best suspension linkage part for your Surron, this is it. Ride worry-free and never again have to buy another one! We’ll make sure that your linkage lasts a lifetime by reinforcing the part and preventing it from cracking, bending or going out of alignment.

Combine the reinforced version with our other Surron / Segway upgrades and mod the Light Bee X / x260 to match your riding style.

After straight plug-and-play installation, you’ll gain better and improved suspension performance for higher jumps.
Replace your cheap sur ron linkage easy to brake with reinforced aircraft-grade aluminum.
Install in 10 minutes with a hex key and spanner

**Link only, triangle sold seperately!**



  • Stronger when OEM factory linkage part
  • Roller bearings with integrated sealings
  • Chromed inserts for longer durability
  • Reinforces suspension performance
  • Does not affects geometry in anyway
  • 6 months replacment warranty
  • CNC machined in house
  • Ultra-light aircraft-grade aluminum class 7
  • Anodised in high finish and laser logo engraved
  • Simple installation in under 10 minutes