EV Freaks Reinforced Progresion Triangle



Reinforce your peg holders for a more comfortable ride. Stock Surron parts aren’t designed to withstand a crash. With EV Freaks, you can pick yourself back up and start riding without scheduling a trip to the repair shop. These Surron mods are CNC-machined with solid class 7 aluminum, and there are no weak joints or weld points.

Like all EV Freaks parts, these Surron accessories are designed by and for riders, so we’ve built extra features into the design. In addition to strengthening your hardware, you can also adjust the peg position to match your height with upper and lower holes. Stronger materials provide a stiff, confident riding feel with fewer distractions. 

 Solid, one-piece class 7 aluminumUpper(stock) and lower peg positions. Compatible with EV Freaks & Rubitech FastBee bashplate