EV Freaks Lift Kit


Rubitech and EV Freaks have joined forces to create the FAST BEE line of parts for the best riding experience:


Improve your ergonomics for a more comfortable ride and enjoy better control on the course. Our new seat extenders are redesigned with extra bulk that adds strength where you need it. Plus, the all-new aluminum battery cap is emblazoned with the EV Freaks logo for a sleek, polished finish.

Give yourself extra space for a more comfortable ride. This ergonomic seat extenders is designed for the Surron Light Bee X / Segway X160 / Segway X260 , and it’s a must-have mod for riders above 5'7 .
Enjoy a smoother ride with straight arms and better forward balance. This seat extenders creates better grip between the frame and your knees because it lifts the battery cap upwards as well. In just 10 minutes, you can raise your seat base 50mm upwards and shift it back 30mm from the handlebars.

Like all of our Surron / Segway upgrades, our parts are built with aircraft-grade aluminum that is miles ahead of stock Surron / Segway parts. Plus, our precision-crafted extenders comes with all the hardware needed for installation including screws, nuts, and the new aluminum battery cap extender is emblazoned with the EV Freaks logo for a sleek, polished finish. The extended seat will sit flush against the top, even in its new position and will keep the battery tight.

  • Shifts seat 50mm upwards and 30mm backwards
  • Designed for riders 5’7 and above
  • Improved GRIP between knees and frame
  • Supplied hardware will keep battery tight and secured from movement