Eclat Morrow Tire


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As soon as Ty Morrow joined the Éclat family in 2017, we started work on his signature tire. Creating a tire that could hold up to one of the most powerful and demanding riders in the game was the ultimate test in design and allowed us to really push the boundaries of how dialed a BMX tire could become.

Working together with one of the best tire manufacturers in the world, the Morrow Tire features a fast rolling, but incredibly grippy tread pattern that was designed to shred it on all terrains. We used the best quality rubber compound available and backed it up with a unique high-performance anti puncture tire casing to ensure that the tire could hold up to huge impacts, grind damage hangups and just about anything that could happen whilst out in the streets.

Available in 2.4″ (62mm).


60 TPI casing, wire bead


2.4″ (62mm on a Eclat Bondi Rim)


black, tan/gum sidewall, white/gum sidewall


• Ty Morrow signature tire with all-round grip

• high pressure rated (100psi)

• special puncture-proof layer for increased durability and protection

• smooth central area for speed, unique outer tread to increase traction and grip on all surfaces

• re-enforced special Pangolin sidewall layer for protection against grind damage

• lighter weight than most all-round tires on the market


700g (24.6oz/ 1.54lbs)