Eclat Felix Tire



We’ve been working with our latest Éclat PRO Felix Prangenberg on a signature tire ever since he joined our ranks late last year. One of the most productive and progressive riders in the game, Felix was always adamant that this tire would be able to withstand his 24/7 riding regime.

The CREATURE Tire is nothing short of a technical masterpiece. Combining the advanced technology and materials of our MIRAGE tire and the aggressive tread and larger size of our MORROW tire we were able to create what is, in our minds, the most advanced all-round BMX tire to date.

Manufactured by the master tire makers at MAXXIS, the CREATURE uses the highest quality 120tpi casing and a unique fast-rolling and grippy dual compound tread design. A tire that is designed to kill it on all surfaces and one that will be loved by all kinds of riders.

Available in 2.40″ (62mm)



120 TPI casing, wire bead


2.40″ (62mm on a Eclat Bondi Rim)


full black


• Felix Prangenberg signature tire

• highest quality 120tpi tire casing for unrivalled strength and durability

• multi contoured tread design with x2 stages of knurling for surface adaptive grip

• perfect balance between strength and weight

• special puncture-proof layer for increased durability and protection

• dual-compound construction for grip and tire longevity

• re-enforced sidewall layer for protection against grind damage

• manufactured by leading tire manufacturers Maxxis tires


726g (26.8oz)