EBMX Custom Rear Shock


Key Product Info: EBMX / YSS Custom Shock


Stock Rear Shock: 1.120kg

EBMX Custom Rear Shock: 2.105kg

Eye to Eye Length

Stock Rear Shock: 267mm

EBMX Rear Shock: 277mm

Stroke Length

Stock Rear Shock: 89mm

EBMX Rear Shock: 67mm

Other Key Features: 

  • Plug and play (supplied with bushing kit) with the stock swing arm and linkage (also work very well with the upgraded EBMX Swing arm – size up one spring weight if using the EBMX swing arm as there is more leverage with the longer arms.
  • High speed and low speed compression damping that actually work (unlike the stock shocks…)
  • Rebound adjustment clicker
  • Multiple spring weight options (enquire for your weight and riding style)
  • Designed for a motorbike, not a mountain bike (like the stock shock)
  • Huge oil reservoir keeps the shock cool even under hard riding
  • Less travel but you would never know, this shock is a massive improvement in every way over the stock shocks and any of the mtb shocks you can buy. Extremely strong and good for jumping.