Demolition Hammerhead S Kevlar Tire


Signature Mike “Hucker” Clark HAMMERHEAD TIRES, now in a foldable bead.

Fully designed by Hucker himself wanting something that will last, grip and that’s lightweight.

Lightweight, grippy, durable, full tread wrap, and an all new rubber compound that will keep you rolling on the same tire for a very long time.

  • Features:

    • Mike “Hucker” Clark Signature Tire
    • S (Street) Tread: Low Profile Street/Park Tread
    • TPI: 60
    • 110 psi
    • Rectangle tread pattern
    • Available in 2.25 & 2.40 Sizes
    • S weights: 19.4 oz (2.25) & 21.9 oz (2.40)