Custom Surron Electric Dirt Bike

Looking to upgrade or build your dream Surron? We offer installation services that allow you to create a bike specifically designed for you. With our custom builds you will elevate your riding experience with parts that are customized to your style, and riding needs.

Light Bee X Monster Trail Bike

This custom builds features an install of a new set of Shimano Saint brakes and a GritShift Gates GT4 primary drive belt. Custom built for optimizing the trail riding experience. 


  • Surron Light Bee X
  • 2004 Marzocchi Monster T Fork
  • YSS Custom Rear Shock
  • KO Moto Motor and Controller Combo
  • 72v Battery
  • EBMX Suspension Triangle and Linkage
  • Race Spec Footpegs
  • Marzocchi Direct Mount Stem
  • Michelin Starcross 5 Rear Tire
  • GritShift Gates GT4 Power Grip Belt
  • Shimano Saint Brakes

build details:

Light Bee X Supermoto Build

This custom build incudes KO Moto motor and controller combo paired with the Kaniwaba pedal system with propulsion and Allied Supermoto wheelset. Our mechanic always goes above and beyond with every one of these builds, note the small details such as the half link chain for perfect chain tension. 


  • Surron Light Bee X
  • KO Moto Motor and Controller Combo
  • Kaniwaba V2 Pedal System with Propulsion (89mm cranks)
  • EBMX 60v Battery
  • Allied Supermoto Wheelset
  • Allied Direct Mount Stem
  • Allied Headlock
  • Prickly Motorsports Horn Delete AirTag Stash
  • GritShift Gates GT4 Power Grip Belt

Build Details:

Super Surron Build

This is what happens when you set out to build your dream Surron and don't hold back...


  • Surron Light Bee X
  • KO Moto Swingarm
  • WP Moto Air Fork
  • YSS Moto Rear Shock
  • KO Moto Motor and Controller Combo
  • 72v 57ah Battery
  • SM Pro Platinum 14" Supermoto Wheelset
  • Shinko 244 Series Dual Sport 14" Tires
  • Formula Moto Front Disc Brake and Rotor 
  • Hope Tech 4 Rear Brake with Prickly 220mm Rotor
  • Pro Taper Evo YZ Moto Bar
  • Domino Throttle
  • Baja S2 Pro Front Light
  • Surron Turn Signal Kit
  • Prickly Footpegs
  • Prickly Footpeg Brackets
  • Prickly Kickstand
  • Prickly Suspension Triangle
  • Prickly Performance Linkage
  • Prickly Motor Cover
  • Prickly Horn Delete AirTag Stash
  • Prickly Ignition Switch Cover
  • Prickly Dorsal Fin Rear Disc Guard
  • Prickly Rear Caliper Mount
  • Prickly Axle Blocks
  • Prickly S2 Headlight Mount
  • Prickly Upgraded Suspension Triangle Bearings
  • Prickly High Strength Suspension Bolt Kit
  • Warp 9 Titanium Rear Axle 
  • Warp 9 Titanium Swingarm Bolt
  • Warp 9 Titanium Chassis Kit
  • Warp 9 Titanium Rear Rotor Bolts
  • Warp 9 Titanium Sprocket Bolts
  • Warp 9 Titanium Pro Rim Locks
  • Warp 9 Speedo Mount
  • Warp 9 48t Rear Sprocket
  • RK MXZ 420 Gold Chain
  • GritShift Gates GT4 Primary Drive Belt
  • Upgraded Leather Seat
  • EV Freaks Seat Lowering Kit

build details:

We ship Canada wide and to the United States with upgrades on new bikes installed at no extra charge. Bikes purchased in store include free service and parts installation for one year!