Allied 60v 53ah Surron Battery


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Do you want to nearly double the range of the stock 60V battery using the stock controller and to have all of that extra power in the same space of your stock battery? Or do you want to run a high powered monster Surron with up to 15kW of power!?** Well this high powered 60V battery has you covered for both occasions!

  • 160amp continuous power
  • 300amp peak power
  • 15kW Max Tune Output
  • 67.2v Full Charge
  • 48v Empty Charge
  • Compatible with OEM Surron 60v charger
  • ~2 Hour Charge time with the optional Fast Charger add-on
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • IP65 Water Proof Rating
  • 33lbs


  • If you run a high powered (above 8.5kW – 15kW) tune with the  60v battery, you will no longer be able to use your stock battery (even when bypassed) as the battery will not have the ability to supply the power needed and will cut out.

Trying to decide between 60v and 72v?

Both batteries are able to run the most powerful tune available (15kW and 600-800 phase amps). Although the 72v battery is not necessarily more powerful than the 60v battery, the 72v battery will run a little cooler in heavy load conditions (it draws less amps, and amps are what generate the heat). Both batteries are very powerful and capable. If the intended use for the bike is trail rider the 60v is probably the better option, if the intended use for the bike is racing / track use, then the 72v battery is probably a better option. Both batteries work with either BAC4000 or BAC8000. BAC8000 is better choice for more phase amps, which will give significantly more low down torque when accelerating.