GritShift Fender Bracket


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Let's face the facts the stock fender for the DNM volcano-equipped Surron and Segway's just looks goofy. The Fender seems like more of an afterthought and does not match the rest of the bike proportionately or flow, not to mention the fender does not do the best job in protecting the rider from wheel-spray.

GritShift has designed a solution to this problem with a universal Bracket that adapts the stock bolt pattern found on the DNM forks to have the ability to run most dirtbike fenders! Dirtbike Fenders are generally stronger, Larger, and have a more attractive shape and body lines. This will reduce your chances of being nailed by a rock skipping off your front wheel or being sprayed with water from that unseen puddle. Not to mention reduce your chances of ripping of your fender in the unforeseen spill.

  • Attach a Variety of YZ, RM, and CRF fenders to your favorite e-bike equipped with DNM Forks, or KKE Forks
  • Achieve the aggressive look with a full-size moto fender!
  • Reduce and virtually eliminate dirt and water spray from the front wheel
  • Anodized Black Finish
  • Billet Aluminum CNC design
  • 3 Center holes for mounting to the bottom of forks
  • Variation of compatible fender mounting points