Allied Surron Essential Upgrade Kit


Ergotec Bars & Pro Taper Grips Upgrade

The stock handlebars get the job done but swapping them out for a set of our upgraded, German engineered, Ergotec riser bars do a great job to provide you with raised and wider hand position. This new ride position feels more more stable when tackling on and off road riding. The rise in the bar also helps position your body in a more upright and comfortable riding position (especially for those of us taller than average). The new grips replace the thin factory grips with pro taper grips that provide more comfort and better control.

Race Spec Engine Guard and Rear Mud Guard

The stock motor guard is quite effective until you actually hit it with a log or rock and it deforms up against the motor. We have found that upgrading to our HDPE motor guard/skit plate is a great easy upgrade to do. The HDPE material is flexible enough to take hard hits without permanent deformation and is also slippery enough to assist with getting over large obstacles without getting caught. The rear mud guard is also a great addition and helps keep dirt and grime out of the rear shock seals which improves shock life and helps keep the bike a bit cleaner.

Race Spec Foot Peg and Brace Bundle

The stock foot pegs are rather uncomfortable to stand on due to their small surface area and they also lack aggressive teeth which added together means that your feet are often sliding around while riding (especially in wet or muddy conditions). We love the upgraded foot peg option and it makes the bike more comfortable to ride and the support brace ensures the foot peg mounting brackets don’t start to bend in over time which can happen if the are not properly supported.

Shimano Brake Upgrade Pack

The stock brakes on the Surron’s are not bad, however the brake pads that come in them from the factory leave quite a lot to be desired. The stock pads have a tendency to squeal, squeak and loose power in wet conditions and under heavy use. We like to upgrade to top of the line Shimano Saint H03C brake pads. They provide a significant improvement in stopping power (wet and dry), have built in heat syncs for dissipating heat under heavy use and we never have annoying noise issues with them under any conditions.

58T Rear Sprocket Upgrade

If you are going to be doing off road trail riding, it is worth considering upgrading the rear sprocket from the stock 48T to a new 58T sprocket and chain. This will help get you more low end torque and quicker acceleration to help tackle those steep hill climbs and with picking