We love custom Surron builds and had a ton of fun over the weekend dialing in this Light Bee X Supermoto bike. The KO Moto motor and controller combo paired with the Kaniwaba pedal system with propulsion and Allied Supermoto wheelset feels amazing on the road! Our mechanic always goes above and beyond with every one of these builds, note the small details such as the half link chain for perfect chain tension. Congratulations Tyler on your new custom Light Bee X Supermoto!

  • Surron Light Bee X
  • KO Moto Motor and Controller Combo
  • Kaniwaba V2 Pedal System with Propulsion (89mm cranks)
  • EBMX 60v Battery
  • Allied Supermoto Wheelset
  • Allied Direct Mount Stem
  • Allied Headlock
  • Prickly Motorsports Horn Delete AirTag Stash
  • GritShift Gates GT4 Power Grip Belt

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Nico said:

Hello, I just saw your custom light bee x supermoto build and I love it! I was wondering if it would be possible to have one of these made for me. The only changes I would need are the pedals and the supermoto wheels. I was also wondering how much it would cost in total to have the bike built and shipped. Thank you

Tyler Wilson said:

Thank you so much for helping me through this! I love this bike so much!! I’m so glad I have this now and can’t wait to get more parts added you’ve went above and beyond 😎 🏍️💨⚡️

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